Funny Birds

Sunday 14/04 from 9.30am to 12pm

Azoline invites you to play with the effects of textures and the patina to realize a book cover in relief (size 16x16cm, for 2 pictures). You will use the inks of alcohol also. Coloured environment as well as the topic will be "Supper and festive" but you will be able to to personalize your cover by the choice of colours, stamps,  and Carabelle Studio Stencil. Painting, patinas and alcohol inks will be at your disposal during the workshop *Price including advices of Azoline, the kit, and specific equipment All levels Materials you should bring : Teflon Carpet + protection for the table (newspaper, plastic), Protection  gloves if you wish for the alcohol inks Heat gut Small scissors + gel glue + Scotch double faces White liquic glue + brush for the glue Synthetic brush of 1.5 cm Plastic spatula Water recipient + disposal plalette + water spray 2 sizes of brush to colorize Versafine black ink Some Distress Some oxyde Distress Pieces of Cut'N Dry+  acrylicbloc + cleaning for stamps Baby wipes Price:42€ Registrations :

by Azoline

Duration : 2H30